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quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2017

Liberada a versão 10.2 RAD Studio Tokyo

Liberada a versão 10.2 RAD Studio Tokyo

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RAD Studio 10.2 release is now available
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Announcing RAD Studio 10.2
Dear Embarcadero Customer,
Embarcadero Technologies is pleased to announce the release of RAD Studio 10.2, Delphi 10.2 and C++Builder 10.2.
The 10.2 Tokyo release is available to any customer on an active Update Subscription with a registered version of XE8 or above. Starting with customers who purchased XE8, users on Update Subscription are not required to have version 10 specific serial numbers and licenses. As long as Update Subscription is current, the existing license is automatically updated for new releases.
Version 10 compatible licenses are those for XE8, 10.0 (Seattle) or 10.1 (Berlin), that have an active Update Subscription.  If you are on an active Update Subscription and purchased prior to XE8, and have yet to register XE8 or later, please login to the maintenance portal and register XE8 to get your version 10 compatible serial number.
How To Obtain Product Upgrade
Download the 10.2 Installer for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder
On machines with an active internet connection and a version 10 compatible license installed, run the installer to obtain version 10.2
On machines with an active internet connection without a version 10 compatible licenses installed, run the installer and provide your existing license information when prompted to obtain version 10.2
Network license users will need updated client licenses from their license server administrator
On machines with restricted or no internet access refer to the offline installation instructions in the Installation Notes link below
Installation Notes:
To learn about the new features of the new products, please use the following links:
DocWiki - What’s New's_New
If you have any questions about the installation or registration, please log an installation/registration case at
Thank you for being an Embarcadero Update Subscription customer and for choosing Embarcadero software development tools.

Regards, The Embarcadero RAD Studio Team

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